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Corporate & Commecial

Corporate & Commercial

Corporate & Commercial is the heart of any client’s business, and we can assist with more extensive and complex projects and general day-to-day advice. Our services cover all business stages from establishment through growth and expansion to M&A and IPO.


Furthermore, we have a great deal of knowledge and experience in drafting, interpreting, negotiating contracts and providing strategic advice. We go beyond the legal details as our business insight is crucial in achieving ideal, practical and lasting solutions.


We can assist you with:

•         Change of bylaws and articles of association
•         Company formation and establishment
•         Capital issues
•         Drafting, interpreting, and negotiating contracts
•         Franchise agreements
•         General terms of business
•         License agreements
•         Mergers and acquisitions
•         Ownership agreements

We can connect you with relevant advisors who can assist you with your corporate and commercial activities outside Scandinavia through our international network. In doing so, we can act as your trusted advisor, ensuring that the outside counselling is done efficiently and timely.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

We offer practical and legal counsel in all areas of dispute resolution, including litigation and alternative dispute resolution, nationally and internationally, such as mediation and arbitration.


We identify the salient issues of the dispute and communicate these in an understandable way to the client, thereby ensuring that the client understands the strategic choices and steps to be taken.


It is often advisable to settle a case as dispute resolution is expensive and time-consuming. To proceed with legal proceedings may result in fatal consequences for the business relationship between the parties involved. However, a settlement is not always possible or preferable.


The client’s participation hereunder in disclosing documents and providing information on facts and evidence is a crucial part of a successful dispute. We ensure to be in close dialogue with our client from the beginning until its end during a legal dispute. In this process, we discuss and suggest the different tactics to be applied and reevaluate the strategies when needed.

Sport & E-sport

Sport & E-sport

Nordic Legal has considerable experience in sports law, including esports, representing teams, athletes, and sports production entities.


The firm’s skills and knowledge in sports law and related business sectors such as gambling makes it a strong partner for sponsors and production companies. Through our activities in the area of gambling, we closely with sportsbooks, relevant authorities and sports governing bodies to maintain integrity in sports and combat match-fixing and other related crimes.


We advise and assist in any matter related to sports, including contracts of all kinds, party representation in legal disputes, and transactions connected with transfers of athletes and teams.


The Scandinavian countries are among the leading countries within esports, and their popularity is still growing year by year. Nordic Legal is amongst the experts on E-sports and an active advisor to the Danish Federation of E-sports in Denmark (Esport Danmark).



Nordic Legal is specialized and amongst the leading law firms in Gambling and Gambling-Related law. The partners of Nordic Legal are recognized among the top legal experts in the gambling industry. They are specialists in contractual issues and the laws and regulations governing the gambling market, such as laws and regulations on anti-money laundering, data protection, advertising standards, and consumer rights.

We have extensive experience preparing and submitting license applications for new and existing gambling operators. We know what it takes to launch a gambling operation in a new market. During the licensing application process, we will assist you in preparing the necessary forms, business plans and policies (such as policies on social responsibility and responsible gambling). We will liaise with the regulator to ensure a swift and smooth application process.


We have extensive knowledge of (almost) all the details of gambling regulation, compliance, guidance from the government, and legal practice from courts. Therefore, we are in a perfect position to assist you with any question you have regarding compliance with gambling laws.

Fintech & Cryptocurrency

Nordic Legal has experience advising FinTech clients offering, i.a., payment services, investment services and financial transactions. We advise on ownership agreements, funding, financial regulation, Corporate & Commercial, Compliance & GDPR, IPR, IT & Technology.


We have a close relationship with our clients and a fundamental understanding of their businesses, which is essential in giving legal advice that brings value from a business perspective.

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